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UPS Battery Maintenance Tips

Maintain Your UPS Battery and Obtain the Best Performance

UPS Battery Maintenance Tips

As you purchase a new UPS, charge the UPS for a minimum of 12 hours before connecting it to any device. This will provide long life to the battery.

As soon as the UPS is fully charged, connect it to the computer and run it in the backup support. But be careful that you don’t overuse the backup power.

Please remember that the backup power of UPS is just a lifeline which you have to use minimally.

It is advisable to turn the UPS off when you shut down the computer in the night. If you let the UPS run all over night, it will bring down the battery life.

It is sensible to have the shutdown software installed in the UPS. This will shutdown the UPS in a preset time thus prevents the over usage of UPS for computers.

Never, ever overload your UPS by connecting printers, fax machines or scanners to it.

It is very important where you have placed the UPS. Settle it in a perfect place where there will not be an interrupted power supply and poor ventilation.

Make optimum use of the UPS backup power. Do not use the computer till the UPS turns off due to lack of backup power in UPS battery.

Never place your UPS in a place where there will not be proper ventilation. This will overheat the UPS and bring down the life of the UPS battery.

Never connect an external device to the UPS when it runs during the power shutdown.

If you pair up your UPS with a voltage stabilizer, it will double the life of your UPS battery and will also secure your system more.

It is also preferable if you buy a replacement battery cartridge while buying a UPS.

Battery Replacement

UPS Battery Replacement

On an average, the life span of UPS batteries will be 2 years, if maintained well the battery will perform good for 3 years also. If you experience a low backup time, then immediately replace your battery using the warranty given (usually 2 years).

Break the Myth

Break the Myth

It is an absolute myth revolving the usage of UPS that the main switch has to be turned off when the computer is shut down. So, many users tend to immediately switch off the main switch as soon as they shut down the computer. It is always fine to leave the main switch on, even if the computer is shut down. This will enable the UPS to gather enough power for providing the backup support.

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